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Jivan Pant

The year 2000 onwards, Jivan has been in the business world. 

At the age of 27, he started his business journey with a 40 thousand rupees loan from UBI Bank. During that time he experienced many failures and successes but has learned from all of them. 

Jivan was instrumental in building a very successful and profitable business which he co-founded in the year 2000. 

He has been contributing to an industry as a part of the board of directors (BOD) of a 500 Cr listed Company.  

In 2015, Jivan got into the coaching domain and quickly understood the power of it. He became a Business Coach to fulfil his passion for helping business owners grow the businesses of their dreams. 

In his spare time, Jivan enjoys long drives, travelling, learning based movies.




11 Reason’s You Should Hire JIVAN PANT To Be Your Business COACH

1 Jivan’s passion is Business Coaching. And he operates from the vision “World Abundance though business Re-education”

2 Jivan himself has co-founded and built a highly successful & profitable business from scratch. 

3 Jivan, from year 2000 onwards, as business owner, has already undergone most of the failures and successes that business owners face. Which enables him to understand businesses easily and quickly.

4 During his business journey, Jivan has catered to hard core manufacturing industry to hard core services industry. For example Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Information Technology, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Internet based and many more. So he will bring broader perspective to your business.variety of businesses, right from

5 Jivan has learned from the best in the world to become the best so that he can make his clients’ best.

6 Jivan is a part of World’s # 1 Business Coaching Team ACTION COACH.

7 Jivan will help you with globally proven techniques, systems and strategies that get results.

8 Jivan measures his success by his client’s success. He ensures clients’ success which, as a result, creates success for himself as well.

9 Jivan believes in “Under promise and over deliver” … Jivan makes sure he always does more and delivers more than expected, encouraging this trait in his clients also.

10 Jivan believes that together, we will do what it takes to get where you want to go.

11 If you don’t, your competition will.  



For Appointments

+91-9773969323, +91-9811269746
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