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What Is The Role Of A Business Coach?

Being an entrepreneur or a business owner leaves one with much less time on hands and most times opting for business coaching is the last thing on business leaders’ minds. However, as you climb up the corporate ladder and perform in leading roles where you are responsible for making key decisions that impact the whole organisation, the mentorship opportunities that you get become limited.

On the other hand, your time and attention become much more valuable due to the expertise and experience you hold.  To fulfill the need for a mentor who can give constructive feedback about the organisation and the systems and processes employed in it, the industry leaders consult business coaches. 

Who is a Business Coach?

Business coaches are seasoned professionals who help entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate executives grow as their roles and businesses expand. Business coaches deliver startups, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders with business advice and feedback based on their business needs. 

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a collaboration between a business owner or CEO and a professional business coach to strategically design systems and processes that are conducive to helping entrepreneurs reach business expansion goals. A business coach plays a crucial role in a business owner’s life and their personal and professional journey.

Business coaching helps entrepreneurs cultivate leadership skills, execute effective business strategies, identify blindspots, resolve knowledge gaps, offer guidance, and aid entrepreneurs in building a growth mindset. Business coaching entails everything related to entrepreneurial and business growth.

What Does A Business Coach Do? 

Business owners who work with experienced and professional business coaches reap diverse benefits based on the challenges they are facing. Business coaches help entrepreneurs understand where their business stands at present and collaboratively build a roadmap to take it ahead as per the business growth goals. 

Here is a list of things that a business coach helps entrepreneurs with! 

1. Provides Growth as an Entrepreneur

Business coaches help entrepreneurs cultivate the necessary leadership skills and the right mindset needed to advance toward their business goals. They help the clients chart out strategic business plans that drive business growth and support the business leaders in unlocking their personal and business potential. 

2. Have a Clear Business Vision & Values

Possessing clarity about the business vision helps business leaders align their personal and corporate values. With a strong vision for the organisation, the business gets a rock-solid foundation and an excellent executive presence that makes waves and drives growth. 

3. Offers Customized Coaching

No business is alike. Each has its design, market, and challenges. A business coach provides a personalised approach to the organisation operating in different industries. Business coaching involves cultivating a deep comprehension of your business structure, strengths, and areas that require improvement. Business coaches provide valuable insights that business leaders seek to achieve their business growth. 

4. Safe Space to be Vulnerable

Business coaching creates a sacred space in which business owners can explore their vulnerabilities, build on their strengths, work on their shortcomings, and grow as entrepreneurs. It allows a haven for business owners to communicate and confront their doubts & fears and overcome them to become better business leaders.

5. Demands Accountability

Business coaches track the progress of the devised business growth plan and keep the entrepreneurs accountable for its implementation. They tweak the systems executed as per the need and the business challenges that arise, ensuring that the business growth roadmap designed for the organisation is followed through. 

6. Helps in Risk Management

When you have a business coach by your side, entrepreneurs get a sound idea about the pros and cons of a business decision. Business coaching helps entrepreneurs evaluate risks, their business plans, and the consequences of their actions in business. It helps them choose the right course of action to take with utmost confidence. 

7. Brings in Expert Insights

Business coaching identifies your blind spots and fills any knowledge gaps that your organistion may have. The insights and assessment from a seasoned business coach are conducive to propelling the business forward at a good pace.

Having a business coach by one’s side helps in weeding out the systems that don’t work and introduces the ones that do.

8. Offers Business Direction

Business leaders are the biggest assets in an organisation as they decide and direct the trajectory of a business. Thus, business coaches are vital as they offer unprecedented support and encouragement to entrepreneurs in their business growth journey.

They combine the real-world business experience they hold with expert coaching skills, actively listening, identifying challenges, filling knowledge gaps, and putting up powerful questions to steer growth. A business coach is the catalyst you need for building accountability and implementing your business action plans.

9. Improves Business Performance

Business coaching ensures that the key business decisions are not put off but taken swiftly with clarity and confidence. It assesses a business based on certain key performance indicators that ensure accountability and help achieve results in terms of sizable business growth.

10. Boosts Confidence

When entrepreneurs have a business coach by their side, they are constantly receiving feedback, taking calculated risks, and making better decisions which helps a ton in directing the business in the right direction which results in growth. Thus, business coaching helps entrepreneurs navigate the plane with much assurance and confidence.


A business coach is a mentor who helps entrepreneurs thrive in life and business, ensuring that their business expansion goals are right on track and that the business owners are fulfilled in their work and personal lives and not burnt out by them. Business coaching offers business owners a recipe for a purposeful life in business that propels growth with expert guidance.

Jivan Pant is the top business coach in India who with his customised business health check ups helps business owners identify and overcome business pitfalls. If you are an entrepreneur wanting to expand your business, book a business health check today!

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